Mahesh working on a six-pack, gets hollywood trainer

Mahesh working on a six-pack, gets hollywood trainer Sources say that Mahesh Babu has hired Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt’s personal trainer for a whopping amount of about 1 Crore. The trainer, Greg Joujon-Roche, has been specially flown in to Hyderabad by Mahesh Babu and he will train Mahesh for a period of 4 months. The specialty of this trainer is that he ensures zero loss in facial charm while achieving a lean and mean physique.

There will be a sequence in Sukumar’s upcoming film where Mahesh Babu will be required to take off his shirt and the Prince wants to make a strong and stunning impact with that scene. Mahesh Babu was reportedly so impressed with the scene that he is going all out to come up with a stunningly fit look. As it is, girls swoon over the handsome Mahesh Babu whenever he is seen onscreen.

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